Hydrosil Heating - Warranty

West Union, Ohio 1 comment

we had a problem with our hydrosil heater and called the company.They said "no problem, just return it and they would replace it."we did that and ten days later when we had not received the replacement, we called and have not had a person to talk to since.

This was November of 2012 and after leaving repeated messages, my husband and I are both angry. We have dealt with company in the past and never had this problem. We feel they knew they had problems at the factory when they told us to return the heater.

Shame on them!This is fraud!


Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #730266

We had problems with hydrosil as well.they had great product but horrible customer service.

apparently they have gone out of business. i was doing some research recently looking for a baseboard heater like theirs and came across HydroComfort, it sounded eerily similar to hydrosil so i contacted them. they are not at all affiliated with hydrosil but bought the heater technology from them before hydrosil went out of business. i purchased one of their heaters 2 weeks ago, and am very happy with it.

it is better construction than the hydrosil, came on time, and their customer support is years ahead of hydrosil.my advice is if you like the hydronic silicone heaters, hydrocomfort is a good way to go.

Hydrosil Heating - Hydrosil Fraud

Lowell, Massachusetts 0 comments
Not resolved

On March 13, 2012 I ordered a Silicone series 240V permanent direct wired 94 inch baseboard heater. (order#1323300) My credit card was charged $344.00 and I was told it would take a few weeks for shipment.

I called on April 24, 2012 and spoke with "Jay". I was told the order was shipped. After not receiving my order I called again on May 11,2012 and May 14, 2012. After no one answered I left messages asking them to cancel my order and credit my account.

I called again on May 29, 2012 and spoke to Jay again. He claimed a credit was issued to my account. It never happened. I was told to dispute it with my credit card company. I requested to speak with a supervisor and was denied. I asked to speak with the ficticious owner Frank L. Sanford and was told that I could not talk to him.

I never received the product or received a refund/credit. Hydrosil continued this fraudulent activity for quite some time. They should be held accountable and charged criminally.

Hydrosil Heating - Returned defective heater/nevergot replacement


We have owned a portable heater from hydrosil for years and had issues twice with before.We were sent replacement parts which worked fine until the unit malfunctioned again.

This time they told us to send it back which we did on 11/20/12. We have been waiting ever since for our replacement heater. Tried calling and leaving messages but as further research found the company has been closed we realize we are out of luck.

We are out the cost of the heater as well as shipping it back!Very disappointed and plan to file complaints with the states they had offices in.

Review about: Warranty And Customer Service.

Hydrosil Heating - Hydro Sil Thieves

Not resolved

I ordered baseboards and thermostats for a small cabin in fall, 2012.When I didn't initially complete the order on-line, Hydro-sil started sending me emails asking me to complete it, offering discount or free-shipping coupons.

So, I did the order, paid--and then, NOTHING. Called them, emailed, etc. Got BS emails telling me they'd ship by the end of the week, blah, blah. Then suddenly their phones were disconnected and the BBB listed them as out of business.

THEN I found out they'd been scamming others for over a year. So, they already had stopped shipping products by the time they were emailing me to get my money.

This isn't just an honest company that suffered tough times and folded. No, they continued actively soliciting customer's money AFTER stopping shipment of products.

That's fraud--and if they try to declare bankruptcy to walk away from their obligations, THEY LEGALLY CANNOT (fraud rules out eligibility for bankruptcy). If you've been ripped off by Hydro-sil, make sure to complain to the Attorneys general in both SC and NC (the company had offices in both states, and the owners have houses in both).



Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #730268

I lost close to $1200 on an order with hydrosil.I contacted NC Atty General and filed complaint.

Never heard back from them.

However, read on another message board that there is fund for customers recompensing.We'll see.

to Andy Seabrook, New Hampshire, United States #730291

They've filed bankruptcy and the NC Atty General is (supposedly) pursuing fraud charges against them. I'm not holding my breath, since I've been told the Sanford family (owners of the company) are related to Sanfords who've been governors of both NC and SC (and one of whom -- the nitwit who went "hiking the Appalachian trail" with his mistress while governor -- is now a Congressman from SC).


Clyde, North Carolina, United States #618357

Does anyone have a physical address for Hydro-Sil in Ft.Mill, SC?

All I had for my complaint to the SC Attorney general is a PO Box.

The AG office will send someone to the site if we can provide a physical address.I don't know why the AG won't just contact the Sheriff's office.

to Ed Salisbury, Massachusetts, United States #618650

Hi. I found an address for them of 1200 Highway 21 Bypass

Fort Mill, SC 29715. But also learned they have addresses in NC as well (Fort Mill is near the NC-SC border). They're incorporated in NC. The NC Atty. General's office is dragging their feet on this, too. I think the company owners (Sanders) might be politically connected.

Please let me know if you have any luck.

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Hydrosil Heating - Not responding to missing products

Westerly, Rhode Island 1 comment

I payed for heaters in june 2012 did not get the products until end of Nov, One order is missing a toe kick heater, the other has a bad thermostat that needs to be replace.

I got a massage the toe kick heater was being ship in Dec.Still have not gotten it, and that was the last time I heard from Hydrosil.

I have called and email a number of times with no one responding to me to tell me what is going on.I am a contractor and I have 2 angry customers that said the will not use me again plus i am out $30,000 on the final payment for these two jobs.

Thanks a lot Hydrosil


Salisbury, Massachusetts, United States #593322

Too many of us have been ripped off by this company. They have committed fraud and shouldn't be allowed to just walk away with our money. Why don't we get together and bring some kind of group law suit?

Hydrosil Heating - Home owner


Ordered and never received.Took my money and that was the end of there contact.

This company is just scamming buyers and never planned on sending product. First learned of the six weeks to build after was tolded to read the fine print. Waited 8 weeks still nothing and asked for a refund. Tried to call back 3 weeks later and no answer.

Better Business Bureau no help because turns out Hydrosil not part of. Very slick and professional advertising.

Hope some sort of lawsuit comes of this and this company is held accountable for their actions.They need to be dealt with.

Hydrosil Heating - If problems do happen they do help!

Jacksonville, North Carolina 2 comments
Not resolved

I purchased whole house heating,I truly saved alot of money.I had the heaters over six years and was given a replacement heater when one wasn't working properly.

No other company would have EVER DONE THIS!! Not Lowes or Home Depot,certainly not any other heating company. I tried several independent companies first thinking I had the heater for so long I would just replace it . Then I found my warranty for the heater and called.


We own a cabin and plan to put HydroSil in it when the economy is better.Nice Customer Service Also

Review about: Hydrosil Baseboard Heater.



It would be nice if the company was still around to help.My bathroom heater stopped working last year (after 6 years), but with the mild winter we had I didn't bother trouble-shooting until this weekend.

It's shot, so I found my warrenty and sent them an email. Getting no response I called this morning and got an answering service that would transfer my message and was told I'd get a call back. No call by noon, so I called, the message said the number was no longer accepting calls.

Their webpage is no longer accessible either.Did they go the way of Wonder Bread?

to Are they out of business? 12/ Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, United States #578921

We just ordered many heaters from hydro-sil in September and didn't get them until after thanksgiving. The installation says the products are Marley Heaters, so this is the company I would recommend to get silicon baseboard heaters through.

Marley does not sell to the consumer, but is a whole sale producer to companies such as hydro-sil. Marley phone number 1-800-452-4179.

Hydrosil Heating - Hydrosil Lifetime Warranty - Means "fix it yourself"

Charlotte, North Carolina 5 comments
Not resolved

Have had this portable baseboard for several years.At first, it worked as advertised.

Then, the thermostat gave out and I called for service. Their response was to send me a new thermostat and an instruction sheet. They advertise a "lifetime warranty" which apparently means, we send you the parts, and you fix it yourself. Exactly one year later, the unit began to smoke and emit an awful smell.

Again I called. Again, I received a box of parts to replace myself. Three parts this time. This fix included the need to snip and wire and make another half-dozen or so new connections.

Doesn't this seem dangerous to anyone else? What happens if you get it wrong? To me, this is NO warranty. This is NOT customer service.

For as expensive as these units are, being told to "fix it yourself" is just absurd.

I would never buy another Hydrosil.There are too many other options out there.

Review about: Hydrosil Portable Baseboard Heater.



So they sent you the parts.Did they not work?

I would actually rather do the repairs to products myself, as the "repair" facilities run by companies are usually nothing more than customer service people with a step by step list (i.e. if number 4 provides no change, go to number 5b). The ones that aren't just CS reps are usually third-party contractors that pay to be a repair center but don't know a dang thing about what they are supposedly repairing.

The fact is that consumers are many times more likely to do repairs correctly (if the instructions are followed) than repair centers are.Would you rather have a person that almost didn't graduate from High School and typed up a fake resume, eating a pizza and sending text messages while waiting for the computer screen to say "that's good enough" doing the repairs?


When I purchased my Hydro-Sil I did recieve the warranty in the mail explaining their warranty policy.I did have an issue with one of their unit's but was sent a part replacement, just like their policy stated.

People I guess want something for nothing like the complaint above.No other company offers that warranty and they have been great for us.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #231624


Kobe, Hyogo, Japan #201836

Have you tried the BBB to check out the company??


Thanks to your feedback was considering maybe buying their product but when I called

for information and return policy hit stone wall. Companies like this should be blasted all over the internet because as far as any type of follow up by elected officials who do over see their to busy collecting kick backs.

Thanks Wayne

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